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shop-online-buttonI am fortunate to be a jewelry designer. It gives me the opportunity to play a small role in the celebrations of life. It is a role I take seriously. From the design concept, to the selection of precious metals and gemstones to the exceptional craftsmanship that brings the ideas to life, I think about the details. These details make the jewelry special now, and with an eye towards the future, I strive to create a certain timelessness that will assure enjoyment for decades to come.


Jewelry is art. Art that is at once the expression of the artist and the person who wears it. And because we wear these objects on our bodies, our jewelry is full of personal intent. Rarely is it “about” the jewelry. It is the meaning behind our jewelry that is important. The antique locket you never take off – a gift from your favorite aunt.



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amethyst-ring-rightThe filigree platinum and diamond ring you wear on your right hand – it was your grandmother’s. The aquamarine and diamond earrings – you bought them when you earned your last promotion. The diamond eternity band on your left hand – your wedding band that you had custom made to fit perfectly with your engagement ring that your perfect husband had custom made for his special proposal.


Adornment is an important part of our lives, it is unique to the human race, and universal among all people. We use jewelry to express who we are. What we chose to wear can denote our intellect, creativity, and power to those around us. It also serves to communicate ideas of cultural importance such as our marital status, membership to a club, company or other group as well as our social or political standing.